March Is A Busy One!

March is awesome!! I always love Birthday months. Beside the fact that it goes by so fast! I can’t believe it’s been 13 days since I blogged. Yikes! However it has been really sunny and nice so my only excuse is that I’ve been outside. 

So, I turned 27. I must say it’s pretty awesome. On my birthday it was a little nerve wracking to be heading into my late 20’s. I went for a 4mile run and averaged 7’15 per mile like zombies were chasing me. No, it was just age. 

I have some pretty awesome things coming up! Ragnar Relay is in less than a month. I can’t wait to see all my close friends! We are also moving it just a little over a week. I’m working on packing and cleaning. Luckily it’s only a mile away. We are also getting ready for a trip to Baja in early May! So excited for that one. I have to say, 27 is going to be my best year yet. I’m also almost done with my studies for my personal training cert. It’s been a long time coming, but I’m almost there. 

My apologies for the lack of posting. You can expect more posts from me! And please if you can, vote for my #YU30 finisher video! You can vote once a day every day until March 31st. 

Have an awesome Wednesday!

My #YU30 Finisher Video!

The #YU30 challenge is over but plant powered eating has only just begun! This challenge has made me feel better, train better and enjoy prepping my meals!

If you could please take a second and vote for my video here, it would be greatly appreciated! I would absolutely love to win this challenge and continue to share my excitement for plant powered eating!

Have a great Thursday!!

New Gym and Loving It!

Starting a new fitness routine is always very exciting! We have only had two workouts and I am beyond excited and inspired with Luma Fitness. It’s a group circuit style of training. The workout has a great dynamic warm-up, agility work and then the main set lasting about 20-25 minutes. 

I feel like I’m training in college again! Feels great to get my butt whooped. This kind of training always makes me work harder and become very competitive. I can’t help it! We are still in our 2-week trial and I keep wanting more. 

However, I think I may have an inflamed tendon in my left elbow. Blah! That’s what I get for not conditioning myself properly in a couple years. I’m hoping it goes down soon! I don’t want it to become an issue. 

I’m truly excited about Luma Fitness. I think I’m going to see results fast and my conditioning levels through the roof. I can’t wait! My husband and I have needed this training for awhile. Going to the gym was getting a bit boring for us and basically a waste of time. 

I’ll keep you up to date with our progress! 

Have a great day!!

Gluten & Dairy Free Blueberry and Lemon Muffins.

Today I decided I wanted to do some gluten-free baking! I made gluten and dairy free blueberry and lemon muffins. Recipe courtesy of YumUniverse. These muffins are so delicious! They make the house smell amazing too. 

For the longest time I thought gluten free baking would be really hard and I’d be using too many ingredients that I just didn’t understand. I love that #YU30 has brought me back to loving baking! I used to do it all the time but stopped because it wasn’t very healthy or I was gaining weight because of what I was making. It feels great to have something that tastes so great and is all plant-powered.

I highly recommend this recipe if you are looking for healthier baking. The recipe is very easy and quick.  You can get everything you need at your local grocery store. Just be sure to pick up organic! Makes everything taste 100x better.  


Gluten & Dairy Free Blueberry, Lemon & Thyme Muffins. 

Starting the Weekend With #YU30 Pancakes!

I can already tell that today is going to be an awesome day! We are looking at 72 degree, sunny, active weekend. I kicked it off by making #YU30 Oat & Almond Crunch Gluten Free Pancakes. They smell good and taste delicious! 

These pancakes are quite easy to make. I did have to make a few alterations as I didn’t have oat flour or almonds. Ugh! So I made what I could with gluten free all-purpose flour and almond flour. Then I just had to leave the almond chunks out but added in fresh organic blueberries instead. 

The pancakes (shown in photo above) still turned out delicious and my husband loved every bite of it. Which is a major win in my book! I made a lot extra and put them in the fridge so that I could use them as a snack later.  Maybe even throw a little PocketFuel Naturals on them later! Great for pre-run/workout.

Check out the recipe here! You can find most of the ingredients in the bulk aisle of your local health food store. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Weekend Re-Cap.


February has really been amazing! First the start of #YU30, a plant-based healthy eating lifestyle challenge. Next, my parents came into town for a visit. Then SF Giants fan fest! This last weekend was just the best of it all. 

My parents came down for a vacation from Oregon to get away from the store (they own a running shop) and enjoy some California sunshine. On Friday after my super tough workout at TRX I headed down to Half Moon Bay to meet up with them and enjoy an afternoon at the beach. Of course Churro came with me, he’s the biggest beach dog I know! It was such a beautiful day down there, very nice people and great little restaurants. And yes, I kept up with the #YU30 challenge! I wasn’t tempted by the sourdough clam chowder bowl on the menu.

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Rip Trainer Workout At TRX.


On Friday I was invited by Pete Holman the inventor/creator of the Rip Trainer by TRX to come in for a workout. It is now Monday and my quads are still sore! The Rip Trainer is a piece of equipment that works every bit of your body with 3-D movements. The workout included cardio, strength and balance. Three important things everybody needs to live an active lifestyle. 

Our workout started with basic skills and technique on the rip trainer.  We used squats predominately, lunges, skipping movements and pivots.  If you have never played baseball, lacrosse, or football let me tell you it can be a little awkward! However, that’s coming from an ex-swimmer aka water child. I started to get some of the technique right and figure how to really pop the rip trainer to make explosive movements. Well, I at least thought I did! 

As the workout progressed Pete made it more challenging with even more explosive movements, quick turns and some static exercises. For some reason the planking movement just set me off with a little dizzy spell and made my skin a little clammy. It could have been the random breakfast I had that morning or this workout was the hardest workout I’ve had in a long time (Yeah, I’m still sore). This was the first time in a long while I had to sit down and eat some PocketFuel Naturals just to get my blood sugar back up during a workout. I may have ended up on the floor otherwise. I was saved by  PocketFuel and able to bounce back up within 5 minutes and continue on with the workout! But man did I feel like a floozy and super wimpy. 

We ended the workout with what Pete calls “sexy” moves because they require a little more strength and technique. We did ‘pitchforks’, ‘samurai swords’, and ‘paddle strokes’. It was super fun and I really can’t wait to get a Rip Trainer for my backyard! Best workout I’ve had since collegiate swimming. I WANT MORE! I just can’t get over how amazing it was and that it made me that sore. (Please don’t let the soreness scare you off!)

I highly recommend checking out the Rip Trainer if you are looking for some change in your fitness world or are even looking to get started living an active lifestyle. It’s great cardio, awesome strength and conditioning, and balance. You can make it as easy or hard as you like. It works for beginners on up to elite athlete’s. Check out this video so you can see some of the exercises we were doing. 

Thanks again to Pete Holman and TRX for an eye opening workout! I’m beyond hooked on the Rip Trainer and hope to come back for a certification soon! And of course I must give a big thank you to PocketFuel for providing a product that got me back up and moving again! 

My Visit To TRX Headquarters!

On Tuesday my parents and I headed over to TRX headquarters in San Francisco, CA.  My parents sell TRX products in their running store located in Hood River, OR. They were invited down to come check out the office and to take photos. So of course I had to tag along! 

TRX has won several awards as one of the best places to work and my-oh-my is it an awesome office! They have a workout room for their employees to workout with a noon instructor led workout. They use bosu balls as work chairs and have great places to hang out. Including a roof-top location to workout, BBQ and enjoy some sunshine (when it’s not foggy of course). 

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Successful Super Bowl #YU30 Weekend!

Well, it wasn’t entirely successful but only because the 49ers didn’t win. There is always next year though! In a #YU30 food sense, it was entirely successful.  Super Bowl was the one day I most worried about for this entire challenge. I love football and all that comes with it. We were all successful because we laid out healthy snacks like homemade guacamole with organic gluten free chips and veggies with hummus. More than enough for our small party to snack on until dinner. 

Dinner was prepared during the blackout at Super Bowl. Couldn’t of been better timing! I didn’t miss a thing. For dinner I made Rally Enchiladas in hope the 49ers would make a comeback. Rally Enchiladas started back when the SF Giants were in the MLB playoffs by one of the pitchers wives. So I made them for the 49ers! THEY WERE AMAZING! YumUniverse has an amazing recipe for enchiladas, probably the best I’ve ever had. And I’m not being biased because I made them, everybody else couldn’t get enough. 

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Yum Universe #YU30 Kicks Off!

I couldn’t be more excited for it to be February! The #YU30 challenge started today. A month of veggies, fruits and healthy eating. Something that was needed in our household to really get the new year and our lives a boost to keep eating healthy and trying new things. 

#YU30 was started by YumUniverse.com, a site dedicated to plant powered eating. She has wonderful recipes and I look forward to using many of them during the month. In our house we have done a pretty good job of working our way toward a plant powered diet. It’s hard to give up things you grew up eating and have become so used to having in your diet. This challenge came at a perfect time because I sometimes find myself getting lost or discouraged in trying to find good things to eat that are healthy plant based meals. 

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