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Rip Trainer Workout At TRX.


On Friday I was invited by Pete Holman the inventor/creator of the Rip Trainer by TRX to come in for a workout. It is now Monday and my quads are still sore! The Rip Trainer is a piece of equipment that works every bit of your body with 3-D movements. The workout included cardio, strength and balance. Three important things everybody needs to live an active lifestyle. 

Our workout started with basic skills and technique on the rip trainer.  We used squats predominately, lunges, skipping movements and pivots.  If you have never played baseball, lacrosse, or football let me tell you it can be a little awkward! However, that’s coming from an ex-swimmer aka water child. I started to get some of the technique right and figure how to really pop the rip trainer to make explosive movements. Well, I at least thought I did! 

As the workout progressed Pete made it more challenging with even more explosive movements, quick turns and some static exercises. For some reason the planking movement just set me off with a little dizzy spell and made my skin a little clammy. It could have been the random breakfast I had that morning or this workout was the hardest workout I’ve had in a long time (Yeah, I’m still sore). This was the first time in a long while I had to sit down and eat some PocketFuel Naturals just to get my blood sugar back up during a workout. I may have ended up on the floor otherwise. I was saved by  PocketFuel and able to bounce back up within 5 minutes and continue on with the workout! But man did I feel like a floozy and super wimpy. 

We ended the workout with what Pete calls “sexy” moves because they require a little more strength and technique. We did ‘pitchforks’, ‘samurai swords’, and ‘paddle strokes’. It was super fun and I really can’t wait to get a Rip Trainer for my backyard! Best workout I’ve had since collegiate swimming. I WANT MORE! I just can’t get over how amazing it was and that it made me that sore. (Please don’t let the soreness scare you off!)

I highly recommend checking out the Rip Trainer if you are looking for some change in your fitness world or are even looking to get started living an active lifestyle. It’s great cardio, awesome strength and conditioning, and balance. You can make it as easy or hard as you like. It works for beginners on up to elite athlete’s. Check out this video so you can see some of the exercises we were doing. 

Thanks again to Pete Holman and TRX for an eye opening workout! I’m beyond hooked on the Rip Trainer and hope to come back for a certification soon! And of course I must give a big thank you to PocketFuel for providing a product that got me back up and moving again! 

Foodie Friday: Turmeric

Turmeric seems to be the superfood of 2013. I keep hearing about it on several different health food blogs that I follow. After seeing the image above I think it’s actually worth checking out! So much nutritional value why not? It clearly has some great healing properties. 

Ways you can add it to your food would be in a smoothie, soups, mixed in juice, curries and vegetables. You can find turmeric in the spice isle at your local grocery store. I’ll have to come up with some recipes to share with you once I start using it. 

Do you use turmeric in anything? If so, how do you use it? If not, is it something you would try out?

Happy Friday!

Join Me In The #YU30 Challenge!


Yesterday I signed up to do the #YU30 challenge via YumUniverse. It is a plant powered challenge from February 1st to March 2nd. 30 Days of whole food yumminess! I’m particularly excited about it because in our household we have been cutting out the dairy, processed sugar, gluten, and meat. We have been able to go about 2 weeks or more without every one of those products but usually give in to a BBQ here and there. 

How does the #YU30 challenge work? It’s a way to work with others in the plant powered community to try something new, change your diet and even your life. To get started head over to the YumUniverse website and register. You will then be sent a starter pack that includes more information on how the challenge works, the prizes you could win, recipes, information on plant based diets, and so much more! It’s truly an incredible e-packet full of tons of useful every day information. And, IT’S FREE!

Why am I doing this? A plant powered diet is something we have been working towards for about 5 months now. While it is a process we have definitely seen some benefits in our household. More energy, clearer skin, fewer allergies, less farting (ha, yeah), and happier stomachs. We do still eat meat occasionally but when we do we spend a bit more on the grass-fed and organic products. It’s so much better than conventional meats. However, it is a rare occasion that we do consume meat. Cheese is consumed every so often, but again very rarely. We don’t have a full plant powered diet just yet, but it’s something we are working towards. I’m hoping #YU30 will speed us up to that point even more.

That being said! Follow along as I document and video all of our recipes, challenges and the changes we encounter. Nobody say’s it is going to be easy, but I would love it if you could join me and we can encourage one another! So head on over to the  YumUniverse website to get all the details and get registered! Let me know when you do by following me here on my blog, Facebook Page and Twitter.  

Cheers to Plant Powered Eating! 

Tuesday Morning Fuel

Smoothies have become our everyday morning fuel. This morning was rather energizing and delicious! So I had to share what we put in it so that maybe it can spark your smoothie making recipes. 

2 cups Almond Milk
Tsp. of Chia Seeds
Tsp. Macca Powder
Tsp. Flax Seed
1 scoop of Green Energy
2 Celery Stalks
1 Banana
1 1/2 Cups of Frozen Berry Mix
1/2 Cup of Spinach
1/4 Cup of Orange juice to top it off

Blend thoroughly and enjoy!


Your Monday Morning Fitness Laugh.

When the gender roles are switched in the gym. This is a great laugh to get your week started! 

Some Truly Bad Ass Women. 

Signed Up For a 50k! Rawr!

Insert beast mode here____! Rawr! Yes, I have officially signed up for the North Face Endurance Challange 50k alongside my husband (best running partner!). I couldn’t be more thrilled to do it! The image above (no thats not me!) clearly shows how I feel, king of the hill! Or soon to be :)

Through the training for this race I will blog and document all gear reviews, training and eating.  I can guarantee you a fun ride and story along with this training. 

I couldn’t be more excited right now! Call me crazy, but I’m ready.  It’s been awhile since I’ve been excited for a race, long time being 8 years! Olympic Trials 2004 was the most liberating meets of my life and this 50k is going to be just the thing to bring me back to that state. 

Get ready! It’s going to be an awesome year of running, training and so much fun!

Thinking I may need to copy this outfit! Blue checkered shirt and a brown skirt, oh my!

(via southernpiphi)

Wow. I went to browse fashion on tumblr and this was the first photo that came up! 

I am in love!! I love pleats and I love a good pink. This skirt has it all and whoever that girl is, is rockin it!

I need this skirt!

Pinterest & Kate Spade!

First….Follow Me on Pinterest! 

Second, Kate Spade is having an awesome ride colorfully contest on Pinterest to win a Kate Spade Vespa. A VESPA! You should check out my Ride Colorfully page on Pinterest, its turning out to be pretty good! 

Thirdly. I think having a Kate Spade vespa would be awesome for my brand Cruising Briskly.  Cruising Briskly around town in a Kate Spade Vespa taking photos of all the places I go, the foods I eat, the people I meet and of course the occasional outfit or two. I may have to change my bicycle logo to a cute vespa logo. 

Make sure you enter this awesome contest! Or at least follow my Ride Colorfully board on Pinterest.  I might (fingers crossed) have my very own Vespa to keep the Ride Colorfully page going!