I think I could live in my new @pocketfuelnaturals hoodie! #comfy #poweredbypocketfuel #rainyday

Have I told you lately how much I love PocketFuel?!

PocketFuel is the absolute best energy source on the market! No funky stuff with weird names goes into their product. So when you are out on the trail doing a long run you can feel confident this fuel won’t shorten your run due to some weird intestinal issue. PocketFuel takes you to a whole other level because its a whole food fuel. The best kind you can get! 

My favorite from the very beginning has always been the Coconut Cherry, I can’t get enough. However, all the flavors are incredibly delicious it’s hard to decide what to bring outside that day. And the size?! So perfect. The small pouch goes with me everywhere for when I need it most. Great for any adventure or race. 

The owners are what really make it special. They believed in me so much that I was asked to become a PocketFuel Athlete and was over-joyed to say yes last year.  They have supported my endeavors small or big (50k big)! I can’t thank them enough for it. This is when you know that they have a truly amazing product.  They love what they do and it shows! 

So please take the time to support this awesome small business! You won’t regret it. Your adventures will be better fueled because of PocketFuel

This girl doesn’t get excited about new high heels, she get’s excited for run in the mud, climb the hills, see the beauty trail running shoes! 

This Is Me.

Hey! Hello! What is goin on?! This is me, Caitlyn. Yeah I know…I haven’t posted since March. You could say I’m going through my “6 month, Am I really Doing What I Love” spiel. 

For a bit there my blog just felt really forced and un-natural. It was still me and things I like. I just wasn’t having fun with it. I tried to make it something that it wasn’t.  That picture above is me in a nutshell. I don’t have many photos without my mouth wide open looking like I’m ready to scream with excitement. I’m a spontaneous girl who thrives on exploring and any kind of new adventure. Sometimes I go without a shower for 2 days just because I don’t want to get my hair wet. (Can’t believe I just admitted to that! But it’s oh-so true.) I love chocolate and I have more running clothes (fancy pajamas as my husband says) than I do regular clothes. 

So here it is. The spiel. I’m still not sure what I want to do in life. I know I have a purpose and I know I have things to offer. Nothing has  felt right just yet. I sometimes think I’m close but other days it feels really far away. Since I finished swimming in college I’ve been on many adventures to figure it out. I’ve been a coach, bagel making extraordinare, rafting office babe, dog treat baker, crazy business owner, swim suit sellin social media maven, and so many more random, spur of the moment jobs.

Ok, what’s next? Well, I’m trying to figure out what I truly love and feel so much passion for. Besides my husband of course, he’s pretty amazing and put’s up with my quest for that super amazing job that’s just waiting for me. What DO I love? Well, I love being active. I love my new gym (Luma Fitness). I haven’t felt this good in awhile. I love eating healthy and finding new recipes and ways to boost my energy levels in a natural, organic way. I enjoy being outside. Although that hasn’t happened much lately. I really need to go backpacking more. I love to trail run! Sometimes I forget that I do until I’m actually out there just doin it.  I also love gadgets and gizmos. Thank goodness my parents own a running store so that I can get my fix on all the latest running/trail products.  

I guess the next step is to take my passions and interests and mold them into some kind of career/passion.  What is that you ask? I have no idea but when I find it I’ll let you know. I did try to read my way through a personal training book but wasn’t finding it fun. I realized that if I wanted to do PT, I would have finished those books a long time ago. 

For now I need to keep my head up and explore the space around me. Find new trails. Not be hunted by wolves. (No seriously, I saw a big ole wolf on a run once….scurrrrrry.) Not stay at home plugging away at the What should your career be quiz or the What are your passions and skills in life quiz. Yup, I did those. No laughing! :D 

I know I’m not the only one that goes through these phases. I just wish I had a general direction of what I want to do. It’s ok, I’m still young and I know I’ll find it. One day.  

"Not all those who wander are lost." -J.R.R. Tolkien

March Is A Busy One!

March is awesome!! I always love Birthday months. Beside the fact that it goes by so fast! I can’t believe it’s been 13 days since I blogged. Yikes! However it has been really sunny and nice so my only excuse is that I’ve been outside. 

So, I turned 27. I must say it’s pretty awesome. On my birthday it was a little nerve wracking to be heading into my late 20’s. I went for a 4mile run and averaged 7’15 per mile like zombies were chasing me. No, it was just age. 

I have some pretty awesome things coming up! Ragnar Relay is in less than a month. I can’t wait to see all my close friends! We are also moving it just a little over a week. I’m working on packing and cleaning. Luckily it’s only a mile away. We are also getting ready for a trip to Baja in early May! So excited for that one. I have to say, 27 is going to be my best year yet. I’m also almost done with my studies for my personal training cert. It’s been a long time coming, but I’m almost there. 

My apologies for the lack of posting. You can expect more posts from me! And please if you can, vote for my #YU30 finisher video! You can vote once a day every day until March 31st. 

Have an awesome Wednesday!

Husband surprises me by coming home early with flowers, cake, wine and wine chocolates!! I’m so lucky!! #happybirthday #love

My #YU30 Finisher Video!

The #YU30 challenge is over but plant powered eating has only just begun! This challenge has made me feel better, train better and enjoy prepping my meals!

If you could please take a second and vote for my video here, it would be greatly appreciated! I would absolutely love to win this challenge and continue to share my excitement for plant powered eating!

Have a great Thursday!!

Eating healthy to start a new year! #HappyBirthday

@pocketfuelnaturals re-fueled and ready to go for the rest of the week! #fitness #running #training #refueler

The End & Beginning of #YU30!

I can’t believe it’s almost been 30 Days of #YU30! It’s amazing how quickly time goes by. This challenge was such a wonderful start for both me and my husband! Plant powered eating provides such an amazing benefit to our bodies.  I feel better, I sleep better and my cooking skills have improved immensely!

To end the challenge I wanted to make my favorite dish from YumUniverse. The dairy free, meat free black bean enchiladas. It was a hit when I made them and I couldn’t pass on not finishing the challenge with enchiladas. If you haven’t made these before, you must! So much flavor. 

I’m not going to say too much more about the challenge as I want to save that for my 2 minute challenge completion video. So stay tuned!