So much fun camping at #RagnarTrailTahoe this weekend! #tentcity #trailrunning

We made it!! It was awesome and hard! #RagnarTrailTahoe #weownthenight #trailrunning

No Rest For The Wicked. #RagnarTrailTahoe bound!! @brittepp1 #trailrunning

Love running with this guy. #lovemydog #running

I love Washington beaches.

Some girls get excited about a Tiffanys box. I get excited about a box of @pocketfuelnaturals!! #RagnarTrail #Tahoe ready!

I think I need to have this. 

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Tough Mudder Re-Cap!


Tough Mudder at Northstar in Tahoe 2013 was by far my favorite TM yet! The climbs were tougher, the obstacles more challenging and fun, and the electricity was rather…well, electric! This was my 3rd Mudder and I was still just as happy to finish it as I was the first time. We went with our gym, Luma Fitness, and we were 30+ people strong! So awesome! Bruises are in full color right now and cuts are still fresh. So here it is, the re-cap!

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Having some fun with the Churro today! #lovemydog