Hey All! My name is Caitlyn Low, I recently relocated from San Francisco to Chicago! From hills and constant sunshine to flat lands, cold weather and very friendly people. It sure has been a life of Cruising Briskly and I’m here to share that with you. Fueled by PocketFuel Naturals and living a healthy lifestyle!

Cruising Briskly is my fun little blog to share new experiences in my new city, healthy food recipes or a wine I enjoyed, my latest fitness expeditions, and of course my newest adventure on being pregnant! 

A little about me, I was a competitive swimmer for 16 years going to Olympic Trials, US Nationals, US Open and competing at NCAA’s and Pac-10s for the University of Washington.  I now put my energy and focus into enjoying life with my husband, keeping my super awesome dog Churro happy and playing and finding my own passions in life. 

Join Cruising Briskly as we take on a adventurous & fun lifestyle! Life is All About The Ride!