Negativity - Don’t Want It, Don’t Need It!

I hit 32 weeks today! Go Me! So I wanted to make sure I started off this milestone with a good breakfast, a great workout and a productive day. Which typically is my attitude every day. Although some days all I can do is watch TV and snuggle with my puppy. But that’s totally ok!

Today, for whatever reason, was tested with a negative conversation and it wasn’t the first time. I had a lady tell me to definitely get an epidural. Yet, what if I don’t want one. What if I’m going to be that women who roars with confidence and tests my strength. I’m strong and I can do this. Don’t tell me my last 4 weeks are going to be horrible, tell me to be strong, rest, to drink water and that I look great! Don’t wish me luck in this journey, tell me it goes fast and to enjoy every kick and every silly moment. I could go on, but I don’t want to re-live that conversation again.

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Just noticed that either A. my blog posts never made it. or B. got deleted. 

Well, I guess that means it’s time to play catch up!

Got my Tuesday started with a swim! Pool to myself :-) #poweredbypocketfuel @pocketfuelnaturals

Quote to live and adventure by. 

Big Changes.

2014 really is the year for big changes and new beginnings. A landmark year that I will never forget! I recently bought my husband a piece of art that reads, “We must take adventures in order to know where we truly belong”. This piece has defined us and made our relationship grow through the new jobs, new adventures and new cities. 2014 has already brought us a new amazing job, a move to Chicago and now a new addition to our family! 

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#oregonwine love! Too bad I can’t drink it!

Where did I go?

You could say it’s been awhile since I’ve written a post. And I would say you are absolutely correct! I just saw….September 30th?! What?! How dare I. So here’s what’s been going on in the Low household. 

After Ragnar in July, so long ago I know, I hurt my foot. A possible fracture but I was too proud to ever go get an x-ray only to find out I just shouldn’t run and take it easy. So I took a break just doing 3-4 miles here and there. I think it was a needed break as I focused on other parts of my body and even my life. 

In August I decided to go back to school and take wine business and marketing classes. Wine, you could say it’s kind of a big thing here in Sonoma County.  Well, I loved it! The classes were fun, the people were relaxed and I had some industry leading instructors. Not to mention I got a 4.0! Go me! Classes started up again about 2 weeks ago, but I didn’t enroll. Because, well, we’re moving.

I can’t tell you where just yet. (So as I wrote that sentence my dog inched his little tooshy on to my lap, so silly). I will tell you soon though! Along with other news and other news. But the timing isn’t right just yet.

2014 is a big year and I’m ready! Let’s do this!  

After a 1.5 months of being out of the running game, Churro & I hit the streets for a 3 mile run! Stoked! No more foot injuries for this girl. #running #backinthegame #poweredbypocketfuel @altrazerodrop

Gorgeous views in the headlands today! #trailrunning #sf #poweredbypocketfuel